This meditation has resonated with me so much and I feel such a kinship with the longing, reflection, gratitude and joy in your essay. I turn 40 in February. I feel like my tensions in midlife also have to do with a deep desire for connection, authenticity, and true interconnected communal love. Even though the details of my life tic more traditional boxes than what you are describing here, the longing of my heart is for the same things that you describe and I also feel them with a real urgency too. Thank you for sharing your wisdom here. Grateful that our journeys overlapped for a brief moment fourteen years ago and grateful to have stayed connected via these strange and complicated digital spaces. Sending you love and lots and good energy today and always.

Four/Five words: Curiosity/Gratitude, Resurrection, Human, Home


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Thank you for this, Kristina! Very grateful our journeys overlapped too. I remember so vividly when you read at WIP and sang during your reading. And being like: wait, you can do that? It reminded me that categories are nonsense and art is expansive. So thank you for that. And for all the ways you continually show up with those kind of reminders in art and life.

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Jul 7, 2023Liked by Lisa M. O'Neill

Thank you for your beautiful reflection. My spirit feels buoyed and my heart fed by your words. May this 44th year embody the potent strength the number 4 - stability, order, conscientiousness, and determination - in ways that feed and nourish the desires of your heart. So grateful for you, our friendship, and the many communities your attention, energy, and love have cultivated <3

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